Hello world . . .


Hello there, and welcome to my new blog.

How long it lasts is anyone’s guess but we’ll just start off and see where we get to. The last couple of years have seen my photography increasingly occupied with “jobbing” stuff – specific shoots leaving little time or inclination to just indulge myself. So I’m hoping this will give me the excuse and motivation to just get out there and play a bit more.

In the process, with any luck, maybe I can provide a little amusement and diversion you as well, dear reader, and perhaps learn a thing or two myself.

Who knows, given time I might even end up with one of those Artistic Statement things I find so baffling, and which accounts for my sad lack of profile blurb.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of fun from the Waltz on the Wye 21012 steampunk weekend in Chepstow . . .

Cancan ladies from the Pink Kitten Dance School, Bristol